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Ms. Santamaria is the Firm's partner with a combination of experience in public practice as a partner in Guzman, Bocaling & Co. and in the commerce and industry sector as controller of a multinational firm.

Professional Experience
Her audit resume delves mainly on restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions, real estate, religious organizations, non-stock and charitable organizations, life and non-life insurance, information service, retirement funds, manufacturing and banking industries. Her stint with the commerce and industry sector gave her experience in manufacturing, marketing and importation concerns. She also gained hands-on invlovement in the customization, set-up and implementation of computerized financial systems.

Funding Agencies Experience
Aside from her in-depth experience in fund audit, she was also involved in a Recipient Contracted Audit of the sponsored projects of the United States Agency for International Development. She also attended the training-workshop on U.S. Government Auditing Standards conducted in Manila by the Office of the Regional Inspector General Audit, Singapore. Aside from her experience in the audit of the USAID funded projects, she has also handled fund audits of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and International Federation of Red Cross Societies (IFRCS) projects under the Philippine National Red Cross.

Professional Organization Involvement

Ms. Santamaria's professional affiliations include PICPA and ACPAPP where she involved herself in a number of committees, such as PICPA Committee on Management Accounting and Management Services, PICPA Electronic Data Processing Committee, PICPA Special Committee on Computerization Project and ACPAPP Committee on Accounting Standards.

Pursuing professional advancement, she has attended various PICPA and ACPAPP-sponsored seminars on management consultancy trends, information systems planning and tax matters. She has also kept abreast with information technology and computer application software.

Civic Organization Involvement
Ms. Santamaria is also the General Auditor since 2001 of the Iglesia Evangelica Unida de Cristo, a Filipino founded Church with more than 80 local congregations in the Philippines, where she sits as an ex-officio member of the national Board of Directors.

In 1989, Ms. Santamaria obtained her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accountancy degree from the University of the Philippines. In 2003, she earned her Masters in Business Administration at the Graduate School of Business of the De la Salle University - Professional Schools, Inc.
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